Sharing my experience. 🎤

I enjoy sharing my experience and work through speaking, which I consider a huge honor and privilege.  Thank you to all the organizers who prioritize in creating an inclusive and welcoming space by enforcing thoughtful code of conducts and providing support to marginalized communities. I am actively booking for 2020, please reach out to me if you have an event that may be a great fit for me.
I typically speak about:

  • How to build more responsible and ethical products
  • How to challenge our assumptions and biases through experimental & participatory design
  • how to co-create with and engage hard-to-reach audiences
  • Inclusive design and accessibility
  • Leading and scaling innovation & design strategy across a company through training & culture
  • how to nurture cultural and team conditions for change, inspiration and experimentation
  • Being an immigrant, woman of color with a disability in tech, design and leadership
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Listed below are my upcoming and past appearances.
AIGA Design NYC Event
Oct 2019
Anxiety Tech
New York, NY
Aug 2019
Abstractions II
Aug 2019
JS Conf US 
Carlsbad, CA
Aug 2019
Video - Slides
GovCity at SXSW
Austin, TX
Mar 2019
All Tech Is Human
New York, NY
Nov 2018
Audience 🖤
My Decks

If you'd like me to speak or teach a workshop at your event, send me a note.