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Let's design inclusive and equitable experiences that create a meaningful impact by co-creating with and empowering teams and users.


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Design Strategy

Lean UX & Product Strategy

Design Sprint for Social Good

Design Sprint is applying the design process in a shorter amount of time to answer critical business questions. Knowing it's not always possible to do it in 4 days, my approach considers for feasibility and business constraints while ensuring we're learning from our users and creating impact.

Design Innovation Workshops

Looking to train up your teams on human centered design and innovation practices? I've been training organizations and teams on how to understand the challenge and audience context, generate user informed insights and ideas, and how to test prototypes to make informed decisions.

Inclusive & Equitable Design Talks

As technologists, one of the hardest things to remember is that we’re not our users and our assumptions can easily extend into our work. Want to bring inclusive design to your organization, conference, podcast or networking group ? I've been sharing how I design products, experiences and teams with equity and inclusion in mind and what I've learned along the way.

Organizational Culture

Transformations and pivots are inevitable and a necessity for any organization, especially in these times. For the last 5 years, I established, evolved and scaled the innovation practice of a legacy non- profit organization's innovation practice. My approach involves balancing real business constraints with innovation needs, while evolving process and nurturing  team mindsets and culture where experimentation and resilience can thrive.