A Bit About Me

Hi, I'm Ariba. My pronouns are she/her/hers. Professionally I work in tech X design X impact, working with teams to create inclusive human-centered products, teams and experiences that prioritizes the voices of those we serve. Being an immigrant, woman of color w/ a hearing disability shapes and informs who I am today, my work, and how I show up. A critical part of human-centered work being successful is considering the systems, infrastructures and lived experiences of the audiences.

I studied biomechanical engineering, did a stint in medical school and then leaped into tech product startups. Being multi-disciplinary and multi-hyphenate allows me to have a more systems approach in solving problems, handle ambiguity and cross-pollinate insights. I enjoy leading teams in a way that empowers and nurtures them to thrive, learn and grow. I believe organizations that prioritize impact, ethics and inclusion has a competitive advantage and that's the type of purpose I can get behind.

I always loved science, math and engineering and want to see more BIPOC, women and non-binary individuals in STEM careers, so I mentor young girls interested in STEM, and teach UX design lessons to NYC high school students.

In my downtime, I enjoy lifting weights, hiking and doing DIY crafts. My latest project was making a succulent wall art. Lastly, what brings me the most joy is my incredibly supportive and loving family.

Ariba Jahan Bio

Ariba is a biomechanical engineer turned innovation and design strategist focused on creating social impact and a future that is more accessible and equitable and supports intersectionality.

She is currently the VP of Design & Innovation Strategy at the Ad Council, where she established the organization’s design innovation practice. As a member of the Ad Council’s DEI Council, she also leads efforts to advance diversity, equity and inclusion at the organization.

As an immigrant Bengali woman who discovered her hearing loss at age eight, Ariba advocates for diverse, marginalized voices that are often overlooked to ensure their lived experiences inform and drive the work. Her work involves scaling design practices across the organization, leading design sprints to create digital products for social good, exploring future-forward technology, and facilitating working sessions that foster equity, humility, curiosity and challenging assumptions.

Outside of work, she leads the NYC Chapter of Women in Innovation and volunteers to teach UX design to marginalized high school students in NYC. Ariba is an international speaker on design X tech leadership, equitable & inclusive design practices, accessibility and challenging the way we do things and the things we do. She has spoken at events across the U.S., U.K., Japan, and Chile.

She's a huge fan of arts and crafts, and is currently knitting a throw blanket.

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