Ariba Jahan is a product experience leader who is passionate about guiding the future of responsible technology. From earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Biomechanical Engineering at Syracuse University, to pursuing medical school, and ultimately embracing high-impact leadership in the startup world, her journey perfectly highlights her conviction: the world of tomorrow is directly linked to the diversity and dedication of the minds shaping the technology of today. 

Ariba’s career has been a testament to her versatility: She is the VP of Experience Strategy and Innovation at the Ad Council where she pioneered the non-profit’s current design innovation practice. She is an active keynote speaker for global tech conferences as well as for organizations like Vox Media, Etsy, and Hubspot. She is currently an adjunct professor at Parsons School of Design and has guest lectured at places like Columbia University. 

In her free time, Ariba mentors young women in tech as part of her mission to bring more diverse, intersectional, and marginalized voices to positions of power and leadership. 

As an immigrant Bangladeshi woman with hearing loss, Ariba believes that the only path to a future that is mutually beneficial for all is to ensure our society, technology, and community are shaped by our lived experiences.  

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